Vlog like a pro

A special vlog (video weblog) training for businesses, government and civil society.

Do you want to communicate your message, your company or a product to the world in a personal way? Then the course ‘vlogging as a Pro’ is highly recommended.

The big difference from a vlog with a normal video is the major role of the creator himself. You present (usually on camera) your own video and thus personalize your story. The great aim of every vlogger is to bind the viewer in both a substantive- as well as a visual way to make sure he wants to see your next vlog.

But how can you best approach such a vlog? And, very importantly, what are the pitfalls of this work method? Questions we deal with extensively during this interesting training.

During this practice-oriented training, we teach you more about how to visually make the most of your phone. We explain the basics of filming. How to make good recordings and which shots you need to tell a visual story.

Topics such as focus, diversity of shots, editing oriented filming and audio are clearly explained. Clear examples and practical exercises teach you how to make the most of your smartphone.

Afterwards you will be able to create a professional vlog, edit it and place it on social media.

Vlogging for business, government and civil society

Vlogging is an outstandingly likable and personal way to tie your stakeholders to you. For example by showing what is happening within your organization. With a Vlog you can show a customer how a project or a product is created. A Vlog can also be judgmental and can be applied in both a reactive and proactive way.

According to a survey conducted by Facebook more than 80% of the messages on its platform consists of films and vlogs. So not only is it fun to do, but it is also a ‘must have skill’ to make the most of this trend.

Course date

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Henk Harding
1 day € 395 excl. VAT