Henk Harding

Henk Harding is hoofd trainingen van Character-training. Als journalist/tv-regisseur maakt hij tv-documentaires, reality- en jeugdprogramma’s. Zijn trainingen zijn zeer praktijk gericht met veel persoonlijke aandacht voor de cursist. Door zijn doelgerichte aanpak is een cursist na drie dagen in staat zelfstandig een professioneel item te filmen.

Andere trainingen van deze trainer

Media in your own hands

Not to long ago film making was considered a complicated and costly enterprise. These days, after a short intensive training, everyone is able to create professional video content using just a smartphone. The world of media is changing fast. According to Google and...

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Vlog like a pro

A special vlog (video weblog) training for businesses, government and civil society. Do you want to communicate your message, your company or a product to the world in a personal way? Then the course ‘vlogging as a Pro’ is highly recommended. The big difference from a...

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Online video

The world of media is changing at a rapid pace. New technologies open up the possibility for companies and individuals to produce their own online video content for Social Media a.o. Professional producers know that good content is created before even a single frame...

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Professional filming with your smartphone

The camera in your smartphone is of such high quality that you can make professional films with it. A boon for the alert journalist / filmmaker during a news event or a day of recording. Or for communication specialists in industrial circles, the social field or in...

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Are you looking to let your staff cooperate intensively in a wholly different environment? Perhaps you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spend your corporate retreat? Then you shouldn’t miss out on our teambuilding workshop! In every company fluent...

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